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Click on the link below and you can see the canoe in action on the Flambeau river in North Central Wisconsin.  The segment is one of our latest TV adventures...you will enjoy the scenery and fishing. 

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Our company is small but serious.  We produce a limited number of canoes a month.  We sell direct to our customers.  You save money because you buy direct from the manufacturer. The hulls are all hand rolled and hand laid fiberglass and matte material.  Most of our accessories are hand made or custom made for our canoe.  We are constantly searching for new items to make your trips safer, more comfortable AND productive.

We have 3 canoe packages to offer you.  Each package upgrade adds more options and accessories, at a savings to you.  You can also put together your own package depending on your needs.

Once you have selected your canoe package we put your order into our production schedule.  If you live along either side of interstate 80/90 from Chicago to the East Coast...the canoe will be delivered by our own private truck.  If not....it will ship by common carrier.  If you live in the 5 state area around Minnesota we usually make arrangements to either meet you or you can come to our shop and pick up your canoe there.  We hope that your visit to our web site will convince you that NOW is the time to consider purchasing a River Ridge Custom Canoe.  Fish the waters you have been missing.

" A River Ridge might be the best sporting canoe you ever own".  ( Field and Stream ~ July 2004 )